Laizhou crown tong auto parts co., LTD., founded in 2011 Specializing in the production of brake disc of the professional manufacturers, is located in laizhou city town east loop heaped-up mountains, is the production of brake discs, brake drums, car accessories professional manufacturers. With many years of mature brake disc production experience, more than 2000 kinds of brake disc varieties, the product covers two large domestic market. We have perfect quality testing equipment and quality assurance system, can according to the different requirements of customers production of phosphating, coated sand, high speed, modified, painting, electrophoresis, etc. All kinds of brake discs. We have the professional brake disc production equipment: the nc dynamic balance machine, the numerical control machine, the finishing machine, the grinding machine, can meet the customer's various processing requirements. Our foundries have four electric furnace lines, all of which are produced by the brake disc, which can guarantee the long-term stability of the quality of the brake disk. We have been developing all kinds of new products all year long, which can be developed according to the drawings, samples or models and OEM Numbers provided by our customers. We have professional brake disc production data, which can be manufactured according to the product model supplied by the customer. We provide you with green, green and safe brake disk and other auto parts.  
        Over the years, the quality, the prestige, the development, the quality first, the service supreme is our tenet

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  • Brake Disc:ZZM2-33-251


  • Brake Disc:ZZL5-33-251


  • Brake Disc:XC2Z-2C026-BB


  • Brake Disc:UB39-33-251A


  • Brake Disc:TY01-26-251


  • Brake drum:SE022165201A


  • Brake Disc:SDB101070


  • Brake Disc:SDB 000612

    SDB 000612

  • Brake Disc:NTC8780


  • Brake Disc:NA01-33-25X


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